The natural beauty of our teak is in its subtle range of colors that fuse golden brown and pale yellow, and in the texture of the wood grain that ranges from coarse to fine, and manifests an even texture with a gentle oily feel and slight luster.

Our “Genuine Teak” will imbue your home with a perfect balance of luxury, elegance, and prestige.


One of the hardest and strongest of woods, teak has a high level of durability. Naturally grown Burmese teak is oil rich. This is the secret of its great beauty.

Its tight grain and thick fibers ensure excellent stability, and enable it to withstand almost any weather condition.

Natural Teak Oil

Our teak is protected by its own natural oil which makes it virtually impervious to water, giving it a pleasing sheen. It is useful as garden furniture, for it is immune to rot, fungi, and harsh chemicals. Its great advantage is in its natural aroma that makes the environment calm.

Besides that, it has a natural tight grain with thick fibers, which makes it immune to changes in atmospheric moisture.

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