Teak Avenue makes its furniture from Burmese teak, and selects teak heartwood to ensure stability and durability.

The growth rings of Burmese teak that grows in natural stands are fine and close. Every step of the production line is carefully supervised to ensure the superior quality of furniture, and that the timbers used to construct it are thoroughly dry. The latter is a prerequisite of the durability and stability of furniture.


Solid teak has natural warmth, and the feel of wood grain gives the impression of connection with the environment.

Our hand-finishing gives our furniture the final touch of excellence. Clear top coats let the natural teak color stand out, and release it to the organic oxidization process that gradually enriches its golden color. Carefully matched wood grain and color are in harmony on the surface of each unit of furniture. Precise machining and hand-finishing let TeakAvenue turn out products of the highest quality.

Truly Unique

At TeakAvenue, our teak is truly an unique wood.

It is maintenance free, and withstands almost all weather conditions, even the most extreme ones. Its unique set of properties makes teak a gold standard, and an increasingly rare hardwood.

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